Final Idea

This is my final idea that I am going to go with

My final idea is that of the statues where people can put letters to love ones in box. The letters will be scanned and transferred on a screen bellow statue. I think this will be a better idea as I think it will cause a bigger impact on people and reduce the number of sucides. I have done research on myths and have based my statues of this myth.

Lough Foyle is also recognised as meaning ‘borrowed lake’, a name which comes from the story of two mythical sisters who lived beyond the Shannon. The elder of the two had asked the other for the loan of her silver lake, promising to return it on the following Monday. The younger girl rolled up the lake in a sheet and sent it to her sister. However, the elder sister was deceitful and when the time came to return the lake she replied: ‘Truly I said Monday (DéLuain) but I meant the day of judgment (Dia Luain) so I shall keep the lake.’

And so to this day the ‘borrowed lake’ survives in the Northwest as Lough Foyle, whereas a dried-up lake along the Shannon lies barren and bare.

start of drawing of statuesimage 6 image 7

image 14image 9


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